Feud Between Camp Tatiyee & LFA

Lions of Arizona encouraged to IGNORE "Command" request

Council Outraged by Unauthorized Camp Email to AZ Lions;
Calls for Arizona Lions to IGNORE the "command" request email

A Message from the Council of Governors and Chair Phil WhitakerCC Phil Whitaker

An email from the Camp Tatiyee board was sent earlier today to what appears to be every active member of Arizona Lions. Please understand that the Multiple District Council – myself and the two district governors – were unaware this email was being sent out. It is our position that the email blast was unauthorized.

The Council of Governors is determined to protect our brand — Lions! To that end we are calling on both the Camp Tatiyee board and the Lions Foundation of AZ (LFA) board to retract the public discourse and engage with us in meaningful dialog.

The Council of Governors was disturbed with that email for many reasons, too numerous to outline here. More important, we were disturbed that the Tatiyee board felt “backed into a corner” to have considered this ‘command’ email to Lions. It was a breach of our Lions Code of Ethics that makes us pause and wonder what to believe, what is fact versus rumor, and what to do. In fact, we’re uncertain what is the prompt that would cause this level of vitriole. Bottom line: it needs to be addressed NOW!

The Council met in emergency session and put in place specific orders affecting both Camp Tatiyee and the LFA boards that we hope will work as a band-aid until a permanent solution is achieved. To that end, we have directed both boards to cease and desist further unwarranted emails and public responses; further, to designate a representative to meet with us in order to reach that final, binding resolution.

To the Lions of Arizona, please disregard the Camp Tatiyee email and its action request. The MD21 Council intends to protect the Lions brand. We are going to work diligently to bridge the dissonance and differences between LCT and LFA, and develop a permanent agreement for moving forward, not re-living the past. We are all in the same tent and we need to behave accordingly. Towards that end, if you are a neutral party and wish to help reach that final accord, please contact me..

/s  Council Chair Phil Whitaker, MD21

/s  District Governors Chris Gibbs and Ken Leja