Roster Changes to Lions International Due

If your club has added new members or has incurred a loss, be sure to update your club roster by recording the change on MyLCI.  If you have no roster changes, file your membership report prior to the 30th of the month. Don’t wait till the end of the month – file your report anytime and simply adjust any final data at the end of the month.  The membership report at the end of December and June is used for each semi-annual dues billing at the international, multiple district and district.

Be sure that any other updates to your club roster are recorded prior to December 31 (or June 30) as LCI will be using your closing club membership numbers to invoice your club for that next semi-annual dues period.  Whatever number is on record that date is used, and cannot be adjusted after-the-fact and regardless the justification. The closing number is also used for your club’s district and multiple district semi-annual dues invoice.

Please remember that district dues are currently seven dollars per year, or $3.50 every six-month period; recognized LCI student status is $1.75 and lifetime member dues are waived.

LCI invoices will be available online and can be seen by the Treasurer, Secretary and President in the statements tab on the right side of the club’s MyLCI dashboard at the end of December. Also, any other LCI balances due for past member dues, supplies or new member registrations will be noted.  District and multiple district dues will be emailed to club secretaries and club treasurers at the same time.  If these officers do not have emails, the club president or vide president will receive the invoices.

Dues payments do not require club director disbursement approval, as dues payment is authorized within the annual budget approved earlier in the year.

Linda Finley, cabinet secretary, D21-N