State Project Board Elections

Provided by Lion Sheila Palazzolo,
board president, Melvin Jones Lions International Memorial

Fellow Lions Members,

Are you a Lion that not only appreciates history and legacy created by our founder Melvin Jones, but also values maintaining the gift of his birthplace right here in Arizona?  Do you wish to help drive not only maintenance, but growth and expansion of the Memorial to achieve support from ALL Lions?

We have a vision to celebrate Melvin Jones’ physical Memorial, a site chosen by him personally, but to expand its reach globally via creating the virtual experience!  While we want to encourage all Lions to visit the Memorial spire, archives and memorabilia, we have an opportunity to expand the support.

Join our Board to help drive support of this historical legacy to Melvin Jones.  We have current and upcoming openings for both districts;  so express your interest and gain written recommendation from your club to submit to the Melvin Jones Lions International Memorial Board for approval and inclusion for State Project Board Elections!

We have key skill set desires for those with accounting/finance expertise and that of marketing/technology.  Send letters of recommendation to President MJLIM Sheila Palazzolo either by email ( or 7790 S. Avenida Bonita, Tucson, AZ  85747.