PDG Whitaker Named Council Chair for 2022-2023

DG Ken Leja and DG Chris Gibbs are excited to announce that the MD21 Council Chair for 2022-2023 will be PDG Lion Phil Whitaker. We look forward to working with him as our CC this year. With the hope of the pandemic improving with the new vaccinations that have started, we are looking forward to getting back to doing what Lions do best, “We Serve”!

“We have a unique year ahead,” expressed Whitaker. “Both Ken and Chris are past District Governors and Ken and I served together when he was District Governor of 21-C and I was District Governor of 21A. The hardest part will be following Past Council Chair Rosemarie Gabriel who did such a wonderful job!”

“In this upcoming year, I hope the Council can shepherd through some important administrative changes. At first blush they may seem detached from the club level, but the reason for the changes is to help at the club level!” added Whitaker. “The incoming Council hopes to modify the Constitution and Bylaws to enable more effective responses to the Districts to assist with requests, primarily in the areas of marketing and promotion. 

“As we all know, the Pandemic has hit Arizona hard, but the response from our neighbors has been an overwhelming energy to volunteer with various charities.  We need to be positioned on the forefront of our neighbors’ minds and hearts,” he said.

“The incoming Council is hoping to analyze and help the Canyon State Lion become more effective. The Canyon State Lion is the largest, single-budget item for MD 21, but unfortunately it is not read by the vast majority of our members. We need such a large part of our budget to be more effective by increasing readership. The incoming Council will look into ways to increase the effectiveness of the Canyon State Lion; it is after all a vital part of keeping our entire state connected. Both Districts also are implementing a renewed focus on marketing and promotion,” added Whitaker.

“These efforts will be vital as we “re-boot” following the Pandemic. Please help your District Governors as they initiate this focus. This year is going to be a rewarding, successful year. Our Clubs are getting back to service projects that had been stalled by lock downs and are planning to engage and grow! If clubs need assistance, please ask Chris and Ken and if it involves two Districts, we are hoping the MD can help!” he concluded.