As a Lion you may ask: “What is the difference between GAT and the GMA?”

The GAT (or Global Action Team) is a leadership team at all levels of Lions from the club level to the Lions International level. At the district, it is headed by the District Governor as the GAT chairperson, and includes the Leadership Team (GLT), Service Team (GST), Extension Team (GET), and the Membership Team (GMT). A complete explanation can be found on the LCI website.

The GMA (or Global Membership Approach), on the other hand, is a process implemented by the GAT team to grow Lions membership globally by rejuvenating districts with new clubs, revitalizing clubs with new members, and re-motivating existing members with fellowship and exciting service. You can learn more about the GMA at the LCI website, too.

An introduction on how you can use the GMA to grow your club will be presented at our upcoming D21-South Convention, or you can contact me for more information at

Lion Richard Stevenson, GAT Area 1-H Leaders, D21-S GMA Champion