Catch a Dream!

Catch a Dream, a Passion, and a personal need to SERVE.

Okay, it’s now official. We are heading into the second half of our Lionistic year. We should all be again asking, “Where are we going? What are the targets? How do we make and execute plans to achieve success?”

These are questions for each member, every Club, projects, District, and Multiple Districts. If you can’t find those three answers already, then let’s figure out how to do it. First of all, have you set realistic goals for these questions? On a personal level, every Lion should be able to identify their own service goals and see how they fit with their Club. Service is truly the key! All other goals come into play around service activities. Therefore, we should all look at the priorities we set through our service.

Making money (fundraisers) has to be important in planning since many of our service endeavors require funds. But should the pursuit of more cash consume actual service time and efforts. I do believe Lions should refocus on the centric reason we are Lions: providing service to those in need. Maybe we need to reevaluate our individual, Club, District and Multiple District Needs (look at the mission). Is it appropriate to spend too much effort making money? Or should we worry more about how it’s used.

I’m always personally excited for January in Lions. For our Club, it means “Flags-for-First-Graders”. It would certainly be one of my favorite activities just by working with kids and Patriotism. For me, I was introduced to the program by two “seasoned” veterans, Lion Bill Lewis and Lion Al Cochran. Both men loved the patriotic instructional part. As they were both in their late 70’s, this was a program they were capable of keeping up with. Our Club lost both of these good men this past year, but I will always remember their passion.

Thank you all for everything you do! CATCH A DREAM, a passion, and a personal need to SERVE.

Chris Gibbs, district governor, 21-South