As Lions we believe that people can serve at any age and that the young service starts the better. We also believe that the principles that guide us in serving our communities also can be applied to building stronger schools.  Lions offer numerous programs for youth at the club, national, and even international levels. 

Here are several of our amazing opportunities for youth to learn and serve:

The Cub program is for kids and relatives of Lions.  Cubs are divided into three separate age groups: 3 and under, 4 to 7, and 8 to 12.  Children learn the value of helping others and serve on club projects. A school Cub program can work on projects at the school or take part in projects with their sponsoring Lions Club.

You can speak with any Lions Club about the Cub program.

The Leo Club program encourages young people to serve as positive agents of change within their communities.  These young leaders also develop valuable leadership skills, make new friends, and have fun.  Leo clubs are for kids between the ages of 12 and 30.  Alpha Leo clubs are designed for young people between the ages of 12 to 18Omega Leo clubs are designed for young adults between the ages of 18 and 30.  They can be a part of a Lions Club or be sponsored at a high school.  Leos create their own projects and assist Lions Clubs with theirs as well. 

You may speak with any Lions club about getting a Leo’s club started at your child’s High School.  You can also learn more about Leo Clubs on the Lions Club International Website.

The Lions Youth Camp & Exchange Program (YCE) gives thousands of young people the opportunity to experience life in other cultures and gain new understanding of the world through traveling abroad. This program does not involve academic study or employment.  Instead participants are encouraged to use this travel opportunity to represent their home countries and share their own culture while learning about and embracing a new one, forging the way to becoming young ambassadors for peace and international understanding.  

YCE is composed of various Lions Youth Exchanges and/or Lions Youth Camps arranged by Lions clubs around the world.

  • A Lions Club Youth Exchange, or “host family stay”, can be arranged independent of a Lions youth camp in hundreds of countries where there are Lions clubs and typically lasts between four and six weeks.
  • Lions Youth Camps are one or two weeks long and usually include a host family stay before and/or after the camp.


Activities for both exchanges and camps can include visits to places of cultural or natural interest, sporting events, country presentations by participants, guided discussion, and even engagement in local service projects alongside Lions club members.

To learn more about this exciting program, please visit their web site.

Lions believe that the the desire to serve one’s community and be successful require skills and strength of character.  We believe that these skills must be developed as early as possible for individuals  to receive the greatest benefit throughout their lives.  Since the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) took ownership of this program they have awarded more than 360 grants for a cumulative total of more than $20 million to expand or establish Lions Quest programs across the United States and around the world. Since that time, the program has grown to include 40 languages in over 90 countries across the globe.

There are programs specially designed for the needs of elementary, middle, and high school students.

The elementary years are the prime time to teach attitudes and skills that will help all children thrive. Lions Quest Skills for Growing capitalizes  on the enormous potential of children and directs their energies into becoming capable and healthy young people with a sense of direction, solid skills, and a strong commitment to their families, schools and communities.

The middle school years are the most rapid period of growth and development since infancy. Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence is designed to help middle school students, parents, and teachers cope with the physical, emotional, and social challenges of early adolescence.

High school is the critical transition period when students prepare for success in college, career, and life. The innovative and flexible curriculum moves beyond the classroom to foster civic responsibility and build essential social, emotional, academic and workplace skills.  In Lions Quest Skills for Action, students develop the means to resist negative peer pressure, make healthy choices: and understand and appreciate diversity in the classroom, school, and broader community.

The Lions Quest program is fully with both independent reviews, and internal evaluations.  Please visit the Lions Quest website to learn more about how your school can adopt this incredible character education program.