At the November 2, 2019, Fall Leadership Conference we will also be holding a Special Meeting of Redistricting Delegates at which we will be voting on several issues:

  1.  The NEW Constitution/Bylaws for MD21 (see below)
  2.  The NEW Procedures Manual for MD 21 (see below)

                        This vote will be done by current districts 21A, 21B, and 21C

Download a copy of the NEW Constitution/Bylaws

Download a copy of the NEW Procedures Manual

Additionally, we will be

  1. Electing the new 21N (North) District Cabinet Officers
  2. Electing the new 21 S(South) District Cabinet Officers

Nominating and seconding speeches will be done during the opening session prior to voting. 

These votes will be done by the delegates or alternates as they represent their clubs in District 21 North or District 21 South. 

Questons:  please contact PID ALan Lundgren via email or call him at: 602-510-8432