The mission of every Lions Club is “We Serve”.  And so they do; in numerous ways.  Please read the stories below and come back often to read about the latest Club service projects.

On Saturday, April 22, 2017 the Lion Club members from ASU Campus, Scottsdale Kachina and Scottsdale McCormick joined as a Lions family to plant 4 “Red Push Trees” and 40 multiple flower plants at the Vista del Camino Community Center in Scottsdale.This facility helps their community of lower income individuals with utilities, food, job search and other areas for a better living and survival. Most of the clientele is from age 50 and older.

Our mission was to have an impact on the environment as well as leave a beautiful legacy forall to enjoy for many years.

Three of the trees were planted and a name plate was put in the name of ASU Campus, Scottsdale
Kachina and Scottsdale McCormick. The fourth tree was placed with the name plate honoring all the Lions of Arizona. These trees will bloom red, orange and yellow leaves in the fall and have glossy green leaves the rest of the year. Special thanks to Lion Jim Richardson from Avondale LC for his help in planting the flowers.

We are Lions before we are a club. We Serve!

Blinded by De-Light was a dine-in-the-dark and drama venture by the Chandler Lions and Hamilton High School (HHS) Leo Clubs to bring awareness and understanding to our blind and visually impaired community.

I asked the HHS culinary teacher, Mr. Orlando Craig Chaney, if his classes had the capability to cook and serve for our project. Before he said yes, I met with his 4th hour class to discuss exactly what this meant because the patrons would be blindfolded. Prepared food couldn’t be too difficult to eat – we immediately eliminated spaghetti, each plate and glass had to be placed and served exactly the same way in order for our blind Lion Club members to instruct the audience on how to eat, and servers had to pay attention to raised hands during the evening if patrons needed something extra. People couldn’t just shout out or ask because there was also a play being performed.

Christina Vail’s advanced acting class – HHS’s Theatre Company performed The 39 Steps while guests were finishing dinner and being served dessert. This was no easy task. Actors would not be seen yet they needed to entertain and relay their message. With a very clever selection of play (I know this part alone took many months of searching) and creative ways of making the audience be part of the performance, guests felt the brush of air as people bustled through the train station, laughed as they found themselves surrounded by baa-ing sheep blocking the road, and jumped as gun shots fired behind them, the actors managed to amaze us. I am positive many, many hours of rehearsals coordinating sound, staging, and memorization of lines and accents took place prior to the great performance we “saw” last night.

Something else I saw last night was several members of the National Honor Society complete their program in the gym and stop by the cafeteria to lend a hand in our clean-up. No one planned or asked them, they just offered. Honor takes on several meanings doesn’t it…

Our HHS Leo Club members and advisor, Mrs. Lily Chen, were on hand to fill-in where we needed them: serving water and tea, answering raised hands, providing additional information, renting masks, taking pictures, delivering raffle baskets, and cleaning up at the end of a truly enjoyable evening.

I’d like to thank everyone at Hamilton for making Blinded by De-Light an awesome evening full of entertainment and education, from the secretarial scheduling, custodial support, teachers who purchased tickets and came to our event on a school-night:-), Christina, Orlando, and ALL the students involved.

I am enlightened and excited to be associated with HHS – as a former teacher, member of the community, and a Chandler Lion Leo Club sponsor. Who wouldn’t be after being blinded by delight at everything I, and 165 guests, were privileged to experience last night!

The South Tucson Lions Vision Screening Team completed the Lionistic Year by screening 22,500 children. We screened in public schools, charter schools, private schools, preschools and in homes. Our eight, State Certified volunteer screeners, which included our President, 1stVP and 2ndVP, completed this task with almost 2,000 hours of service. Our goal for next year is 30,000 children, of which we have already signed up 24,000.

We recently signed an agreement with the Tucson Catholic Diocese to screen all of their 7,000 children, this is in addition to a similar agreement we have with the Sunnyside Unified School District. Our NASN program at SUSD and Flowing Wells Unified provided almost 200 children exams and glasses. We were recognized as a Tucson Community Partner by Tucson Unified School District, received recognition from Sunnyside Unified and received a Ben’s Bells Award, in addition to several mentions in the press and on TV. WE SERVE

We are always looking for volunteers, partners and clients, so check us out at our Facebook page at STLCWESERVE

Five students in first through fifth grade from Coronado K-8 School, 3401 E. Wilds Road, received bicycles and helmets at the end of the school year for their accomplishments in the Achieve Program. The Lions Club of Catalina/Oro Valley sponsored the giveaway.  The Achieve Program offers before and after-school classes such as reading and math core classes, homework help, and enrichment activities. This program served a total of 117 elementary students this year who participated for 30 or more days. It is funded through a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant which is supervised by two teachers at Coronado, Nancy Casagrande and Suzan Brown. Thirty other teachers assisted with teaching these classes before and after school. Class sizes were small with 8-12 students per teacher. Nameswere drawn from each grade level for students who participated in the program.  The students who won the bikes were the following:

1st grade—Ezequiel Gonzales
2nd grade—Amelianna Rodriguez
3rd grade—Cole Newton
4th grade__ Izaac Gonzalez
5th grade__ Anthony Skerl

Pictured from left to right in the front row are Cole Newton, Izaac Gonzalez, and Ezequiel Gonzalez. In the back row is Ray Harrison, Catalina/ Oro Valley Lions Club President.